PAY SLIPS – Here is an educational post all about payslips, what they must contain, why you get asked for them and how you prepare for that “salary” question.

📜CONTENTS OF PAY SLIPS #PaySlip: Employers must give workers the following information in writing when they are paid:
• Employer’s name and address
• Worker’s name and occupation
• Period for which payment is made
• Total salary or wages
• Any deductions
• The actual amount paid
• If relevant to the calculation of pay:
• Employee’s pay and overtime rates
• Number of ordinary and overtime hours worked
• Number of hours worked on a Sunday or public holiday
• The total number of ordinary and overtime hours worked in the period of averaging, if a collective agreement to average working time has been concluded

📜Why do prospective employers and recruitment agencies require a #PaySlip?
• Note that asking for a payslip is NOT a scam. Not everyone is out there to trick you. Some really just want to help you earn what you deserve or are entitled to.
• They don't want to waste your time putting you forward for a vacancy where the budget is less than you are already earning.
• Unfortunately, most people don't understand their payslips and often forget to include benefits that they are currently receiving
• Lack of clarity by the #JobSeeker and therefore the recruiter regarding actual “cost to company” benefits leads to a problem at offer stage as it is not accounted for upfront.
• Recruiters have clients that ask for it, and it is in the SLA between agency and client.
• Other reasons recruiters may ask for payslips is simply an issue of honesty…By all means negotiate your salary with recruiter but do it before it gets to the client so that you and the recruiter are on the same page. Recruiters don’t decide what the employer offers you at the end of the day. Recruiters are your partners in your career search, and if you are not sure why something has been requested from, just ask the question. The answer may surprise you and if you don't feel comfortable, find someone else to work with that fits your work ethics

📜SO, after reading this get yourself ready and read #Salary or #SalaryNegotiation in order to understand how you need to be FULLY prepared for the salary discussion with the recruiter. This is NOT a discussion to be taken lightly, and those that do, often do not get compensated in the way they deserve.
Experienced professionals must ensure that they must be suitably compensated for each and every benefit that they receive in the existing company when they join in new job and so, pay negotiation must be handled very carefully.


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