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Head Of Marketing

The main purpose of this roles is to develop, implement and manage a marketing strategy for the brand. The HOD Marketing reports directly to the CEO. This position is responsible for developing a marketing strategy for the brand, ensuring effective implementation and management of this strategy. The HOD Marketing must ensure that all initiatives support the overall branding strategy. The Senior Marketing Officer, Marketing Officers, Marketing Assistant, Design Lead and Digital Lead reports to this position. Internal Liaison takes place with the HOD team and all internal departments. External liaison takes place with third party suppliers, sponsorships and payment partners.


Duties and responsibilities (include but is not limited to):

• To develop the marketing strategy and oversee all tactical plans and initiatives that build the brand

• Contribute to the development of corporate strategy

• Define and set the company's value proposition, brand positioning and core messaging

• Develop, oversee and lead the company's overall marketing strategy for both offline and online in all operating countries. This covers areas of brand management, retention marketing and digital marketing

• Ensure the marketing strategy is supportive and aligned with other departments and the corporate strategy

• Set overall marketing goals and monitor progress

• Oversee the monitoring of the external environment (competitor actions, economic conditions, socio-cultural trends) identify industry forces

• Oversee and sign off on short term tactical opportunities and initiatives

• To take ownership of the customer relationship with the brand

• Oversee primary research on target market to develop company's understanding

• Understand economic, social and cultural drivers of our customers that will improve all activities in the business

• Ensure that the brand carries a deeper meaning to our customers (i.e. there is an emotional connection between the brand and the customer that goes beyond the functional aspect of the service)

• Build the brand's heritage in a way that connects with the consumer

• To identify and create metrics to monitor all marketing activities

• Establish metrics for tracking marketing goals

• Monitor the performance of marketing initiatives both offline and online to establish benchmarks

• To ensure effective marketing communication by managing the various marketing activities including marketing collateral, public relations, online activities, advertising and sponsorships

• To set and control the marketing budget

• To manage the relationships with key stakeholders to ensure effective communication and collaboration takes place in support of marketing objectives

• To ensure effective Corporate Social Investment programs are in place

• To perform a general management function for the Marketing department

• To manage own professional and self-development


Minimum requirements:

• Grade 12 or equivalent (Essential)

• Honours Degree in Marketing (Essential)

• 7 to 10 years' experience in Marketing (Essential)

• 4 years Management experience (Essential)

• Relevant industry experience (Desirable)

• Knowledge of marketing principles

• Knowledge of marketing & communication media processes

• Knowledge of brand management techniques

• Knowledge of marketing campaign management

• Knowledge of data analytics

• Knowledge of social media


Additional Skills:

• Analytical skills

• Computer skills

• Verbal & written communication skills

• Presentation skills

• Project Management skills

• Detail consciousness

• Interpersonal skills