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Contracts Manager

Contracts Manager from Logistics required on the East Rand


Key Responsibilities (duties are not limited to the list as there may be other factors and challenges that may be experienced in the duties as a contracts manager):

  1. Always represent the company to the customer in a professional and positive manner

  2. Liaise with the customer in the role of providing a high standard and professional service   

  3. Communicate with the relevant team members to ensure the required service is delivered as per customer’s service levels and exceed customer expectations

  4. Ensure that any risks or inefficiencies that are identified is addressed promptly and firmly

  5. Monitor the performance of all staff dedicated to the specific contract at different sites and manage all staff on site



Experience / Qualifications required:

  1. Must be computer literate (Microsoft Office, Transport Management Systems, Telematics software, ERP)

  2. Traceable records of previous experience with similar responsibilities in the logistics industry

  3. Experience on over border deliveries and knowledge of border process and documentation will be advantageous



Other requirements:

  1. Must have a diplomatic and respectful character and able to deal with conflict resolution

  1. Must be able to work flexible times based on operational requirements

  2. Must have own transport