Campaign Owner

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Campaign Owner

A Campaign manager/Digital Traffic Manager is required with a relevant diploma/degree.
A diploma in project management is advantageous.Minimum 2 years experience as a traffic manager in a digital agency.

  • Matric

  • Relavant degree/Diploma

  • A diploma in project management is advantageous.

  • Minimum of two years’ experience as a traffic manager in a digital agency

  • Relevant tertiary education to support this role

  • Understanding of the digital process and ability to run projects according to basic digital traffic/agency processes and protocols

  • Experience working with project plans and project management tools

  • The workflow management and delivery of every project in the operations department

  • Preparing reports and plans to effectively structure teams based on the current requirements of the operations department

  • Drawing up Cost Estimates in consultation with department heads

  • Assigning tasks to resources and problem-solving any resource or scheduling conflicts

  • Overseeing teams, ensuring that they complete their required responsibilities and tasks on time and budget