Aga Or Saipa Accountant

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5 months ago

Aga Or Saipa Accountant

Our prestigious client, a leading public Accounting firm operating in the financial sector, is seeking to employ a BUSINESS SERVICE DIVISION CONSULTANT to their PE based team.


Min requirements:

AGA or SAIPA qualified Accountants.


Duties to be performed:

  • Conduct a ratio analysis with historical, forecasted, and industry results

  • Investigate findings that appear to be inconsistent

  • Inquire about the procedures for recording accounting transactions

  • Investigate unusual or complex situations that may impact reported results

  • Investigate significant transactions occurring near the end of the accounting period

  • Follow up on questions that arose during previous reviews

  • Inquire about material events that occurred after the date of the financial statements

  • Investigate significant journal entries

  • Review communications from regulatory agencies

  • Read the financial statements to see if they appear to conform with the applicable financial reporting framework

  • Review the management reports of any accountants who reviewed or audited the entity's financial statements in prior periods


In a financial statement review, the accountant performs those procedures necessary to provide a reasonable basis for obtaining limited assurance that no material changes are needed to bring the financial statements into compliance with the applicable financial reporting framework.
These procedures are more heavily concentrated in areas where there are enhanced risks of misstatement.