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10 - 15 years previous accounting experience is essential.
Knowledge of the AX system and a B.Com will be an advantage.
Duties will be to provide financial information to management (both financial and operational) by processing, analysing and scrutinising accounting data.
Assist and support the team leader to ensure the internal controls and financial procedures are in place and adhered to.

Duties and Responsibilities:

General journals:

  • Prepare monthly and other journals with supporting documentation to the team leader for approval;

  • Should be able to display an in-depth understanding of journals presented to the team leader for approval                                                                   

General Ledger Reconciliations :

  • Prepare reconciliations for all balance sheet accounts;

  • Ensure all reconciliations and reconciling items is supported;

  • Provide an in depth understanding of all reconciliations, reconciling items and old items on the reconciliations;

  • Review and analyse significant and/or problematic general ledger accounts;

  • Follow-up on any variances or anomalies;

  • Review reconciliations prepared by accountant for month end file and

  • Ensure intercompany amounts are reconciled and confirmed

 Reporting :

  • Compile flash results and analysis to ensure all factors impacting flash are considered before presenting to team leader;

  • Finalise results and prepare a final trial balance before Hyperion deadline;

  • Complete monthly Hyperion packs within deadlines agreed and

  • Upload TB’s into ICS, reconciling the management account profit before tax to the Hyperion result and take accountability for preparation of management reports and submission to management

 Supervision :


  • Interact with creditors department to ensure reconciling items and aged items are cleared in a timely manner;

  • Compile accruals and ensure prior month accruals are utilised.  


  • Interact with cashbook clerk to ensure reconciling items are cleared in a timely manner;


  • Interact with debtors department to ensure reconciling items and aged items are cleared in a timely manner;

  • Taxation:

    • Prepare the VAT, WHT and Income Tax submissions on a monthly basis and ensure it is paid on time;

    • Prepare reconciliations on each tax type and compare to submitted returns as well as statements issued by tax authorities and

    • Prepare the annual tax packs within agreed deadline

    Adhoc reporting:

    • Preparation of budgets, forecasts and Balanced scorecards as well as adhoc reporting requirements

     Financial Controls:

    • Ensuring all policies and procedures are adhered to

    • Assistance of audit requirements – both internal and external and

    • Ensuring adequate and efficient document control

    Key Skills and Competencies

    Computer literate

    • Good computer writing skills;

    • Computer literate and highly proficient in the use of MS Excel, with the ability to do lookups and pivots


    • Strong understanding of accounting & financial principles, processes and practices;

    • Project management – should be able to identify and resolve problems or resolve with guidance in a timely manner and

    • Prioritising and managing multiple tasks simultaneously


    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;

    • Individual should have a very positive work attitude including willing to work some longer hours during peak periods;

    • Attention to detail and strong administrative ability: very organized and structured approach to completion of tasks;

    • Strong emphasis on policy and procedures and ensuring these are adhered to;

    • Excellent interpersonal and cross-cultural skills, which includes the ability to communicate with senior management and operational staff;

    • Exceptional communications skills is required, which include listening and responding objectively as well participating in discussions in meetings;

    • Individual should be able to work and promote team work, putting the success of the team above own interest;

    • Individual should be able to adjust to change positively and

    Swift decision making and able to respond quickly to situations as they arise; high ability to multi-task and prioritise tasks