Senior Lecturer/ass. Prof: 3-d Visual Arts

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Senior Lecturer/ass. Prof: 3-d Visual Arts


To facilitate learning and teaching in the undergraduate and postgraduate field of visual art, as well as research supervision of postgraduates with specific focus on 3-D studies/sculpture theory and practice.


  • Facilitate the learning processes in the Department
  • Conduct research and contribute to creative outputs
  • Perform assessments, curriculum development and administration
  • Support postgraduate research and supervision  in the Visual Arts programme
  • Develop and maintain national engagement/research/creative outputs profile.



  • Expert knowledge of contemporary visual arts practice, international, African, and South African. 
  • Expert knowledge of contemporary visual art theory and art history, with particular emphasis on contemporary South African art practice within the context of the global art hegemony
  • The ability to contribute substantively to the transformation/Africanisation /decolonization of visual arts curricula.
  • Expert knowledge of the theory and practice of traditional modelling and casting techniques (e.g.
    lost wax, carving), 3-D modelling technology (e.g.
    3-D printing), cold-casting (e.g.
    resin, cement fondue), conceptualisation techniques and trans-disciplinary practices.
  • Significant experience of techniques, processes, technologies and production as it pertains to contemporary practices in the discipline.
  • Expert knowledge of visual art theory and research, but specifically as it pertains to 3-D studies
  • Ability to develop and innovate course content so as to keep programmes relevant and current
  • Experience of a variety of teaching and learning methodologies at undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • Proven competencies in the functions pertinent to the managing, stocking and maintenance of a large studio environment and its machinery, especially foundry management.
  • Computer literacies commensurate with the requirements of all forms of lecture delivery, academic administration and the studio and student management.
  • A record of successful supervision of postgraduate/master’s students
  • Demonstrate evidence of an ongoing contribution to knowledge creation in the discipline through a current exhibition track record (curatorship and/or practice in visual arts), and/or proof of publication outputs in national and international DHET accredited journals
  • Demonstrate evidence of ongoing creative practice and national engagement.
  • Establish engagement practice and networks through liaison with professionals, peers and the creative arts industry.
  • Experience of initiating and contributing to community engagement and community engagement programmes in visual arts




In order to be considered for appointment to this post, candidates should have a minimum qualification of a relevant master’s degree or PhD in the Visual Arts (Fine Art or equivalent) or be registered for a PhD with a research focus that has relevance to the Visual/Creative Arts.
 Evidence of research supervision at Master’s level is requisite.
A minimum of ten years teaching practice is expected.